MASHAAL– A Leadership Program on Health System Strengthening

For centuries, we’ve debated one timeless question: “Are leaders born or made?”

The American Psychological Association published a study that found that given the dynamic and complex social environments in which most leaders operate, effectiveness requires them to possess certain perceptive and adaptive capabilities. These qualities don’t just appear and they certainly don’t develop in a vacuum. Such traits have to be nurtured and it explains how great leaders evolve and grow into their positions in the society and history and have a combination of skills such as self-awareness and regulation, self-motivation, social skills, and empathy.

Throughout a clinician’s education, most of their training is focused on the medical aspects of their profession. From learning how to treat patients with care and empathy, to building the hard skills that can save lives. Rarely are leadership skills included. With today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, leadership is not only becoming a favourable trait, but are required for clinicians pursuing a successful career. Effective leadership is required to lead and drive changes at all levels of the health system to actualise the goals of the ongoing reforms in health care organisations.

Gurukool envisioned the concept of leadership in Medical Profession and organised Mashaal Chapter 2 in association with TUTUL Consulting and Anandwan (a NGO for community rehabilitation centre for leprosy patients in Maharashtra) for Medical Students and Doctors with the objective to reaffirm one’s purpose as a Health Care Provider within the Health Care System, and create a space for doctors to interact, share experiences and ideas to learn from each other, thereby creating a support network.

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